The Company

The growing complexity of process plants, ever more exacting demands on process control and monitoring, maintenance management along with environmental compliance reporting duties are confronting plant operators with new challenges. Optimizing plant economics while concurrently maximizing availability and equipment service life are indispensable in order to secure a leading edge in today's competitive global marketplace.

To master these tasks, huge amounts of data from the production process itself but also from the process environment must be gathered, archived and, depending on the specific case, transmitted to far-away locations for remote monitoring. For this purpose, the data have to be edited in a suitable form, condensed
and made amenable to interpretation. Conventional process control technology including advanced DCS have no solutions to offer to these challenges.

Where we come in ...

PDE Process Data Engineering GmbH has made it its task to close the gap between process and business information management systems. Our challenge begins where DCS technology ends.

Building on our strong background in process engineering, instrumentation and data processing,
we are ideally positioned to deliver fully integrated solutions providing maximum data integration and transparency for the specific application. For detailed knowhow in special fields, such as maintenance management, for instance, we are cooperating with suitable partners.

We'll help you translate your process data into bottom-line improvements!