Application development

We develop applications and database solutions according to your specific requirements - starting from funcitonal design specification up to implementation and training.

The challenge

These days the use of standard software is a necessity dictated by economics. Of course, this also applies to process information management systems. No wonder that many of the standard systems have become so powerful and pervasive. Yet, there is no standard software that can satisfy all your needs. So you select the software package that best meets your requirements, at least as far as the basic functions are concerned.

And eventually you have to make the decision: are you going to downscale your criteria to suit the standard system or are you going to complement the system with additional capabilities to meet your specific needs? Should you opt for the latter solution, there will be no way around an application development.

Where we come in ...

We command broad knowhow and many years' experience in process information management. We know the requirements and the solutions. We are well versed in C/C++, Visual Basic/VBA and SQL - in Java and HTML/XML as well, if needed. We have aquired our experience on operating systems like VMS or Unix, while today we are at home on platforms like Windows NT/2000 and Linux. We have developed applications for various database software (Rdb, MS Access, proprietary databases) and have programmed interfaces for the most diverted systems. Of course we are also firmed in office environments and able to make your wishes reality.

We analyze your needs in close cooperation with you and translate the results into a detailed specification. After having been given green light, we undertake the development right through to the successful implementation and acceptance test on your system.

Tell us your requirements  -  We develop the solutions!