Remote Service

For maintenance and support of remote sites we can offer various solutions - from applications taylored to access only remote process data up to appliances for highly secure system management using the internet.

The challenge

Today's international groups are faced with the task of managing globally networked production facilities; worldwide operating EPC contractors are building process plants in the most remote locations of this planet. Compounding the situation is the growing complexity of process plants. This is due not only to the increasing trend towards higher capacities but also to ever more exacting quality standards and tightening regulatory requirements. All these factors add up to make the control of process plants an ever more challenging task.

At the same time, economics dictate a lean organization so that the experts needed for problem solving may not always be available directly at the plant site. The consequences are poor plant monitoring and maintenance, expensive travelling and, in the worst case, costly downtimes. There is but one logical solution to this dilemma: process data must be made available worldwide to provide group headquarters with a basis for informed decision making and control over their production facilities. Engineering contractors have the expert knowledge to support their customers in solving plant operating problems, making them independent of inhouse expertise. And expert knowledge is available worldwide.

Where we come in ...

Our answer to this challenge is a comprehensive remote services and support system. We reliably transfer your process data to any place on the globe where they are needed and vice versa provide the - virtual - transfer of the required specialists to your production site.

At the heart of our remote services systems are the continuous local acquisition and archiving of all relevant process data and their routine or sporadic transmission to the experts no matter where they are located. There, the data are analyzed against the defined targets. To augment routine monitoring, the system automatically generates messages when alarm conditions arise and dispatches them by E-mail or SMS. In this way, faults, operating upsets or the need for maintenance are always identified in due time for corrective action. Examples:

  • poor heat transfer due to progressive heat exchanger fouling
  • elevated number of flashovers in electrostatic precipitators due to mechanical damage
  • reduced reaction yields due to declining catalyst activity


We provide the turnkey installation of the complete systems and – no question – also offer you full support and assistance at all times during subsequent operation.

A specialized package for electrostatic precipitators is available.