Consultancy and planning services

With our long lasting experience coming from the various projects around process data management we can offer competent consultancy and planning services for all phases of your projects.


  • are planning the introduction of a process information management system or the expansion of your existing PIM infrastructure
  • have an established infrastructure that has grown over the years
  • wish to integrate data from diverse sources on a common platform, link them and make them available to a wider circle of users
  • require process data for your business information management system (e.g. SAP)
  • are looking for a forward-looking, expandable solution.


Under these circumstances, you will certainly have informed yourself in detail of the solutions available on the market and know which system is best-suited to your needs. Common terms like Client/Server, Router, Ethernet and abbreviations like PIMS; HMI, TCP/IP, OPC or ODBC are no mystery to you.


Perhaps you have already obtained some bids but are at a loss which solution is the right one for you?

Then it is time you drew on professional help.


  • can draw on over 15 years' experience with a great variety of process information management systems in the most diverse applications
  • thoroughly analyze the needs of your company and propose the best-suited solutions for your specific case
  • know what to focus on, what makes sense and where "the intricacies are buried"
  • support you during all phases of your project or only in the implementation of individual steps: analysis of status quo, definition of requirements, development of general and detailed specifications, bid invitation and comparison, order award, project management¬†
  • are not bound to own hardware or software and therefore free to select the most suitable supplier


With our service package, we offer you expert knowhow and experience "on call". You are no longer left to the mercies of sales reps and suppliers or thrown back upon your own judgement.