Complete solutions for Process Information Management

To get the most value from your process data we offer complete solutions taylored to your needs - starting with retrieval of the data through long term archiving up to data mining applications on the office level.


  • want to introduce, complement, upgrade or integrate process information management into your existing IT infrastructure
  • need to acquire process data from existing systems and transmit them in condensed form to higher-level systems
  • are looking for powerful long-term archiving capabilities without sacrificing resolution power
  • require statistical evaluation capabilities
  • are picturing a user-friendly and flexible operator interfacer
  • necessitate focussed data selection
  • need to monitor and analyze your process for maximum transparency and optimization
  • and therefore want to integrate sophisticated process calculations


You are looking for a supplier who answers to all your needs and provides you with valuable input into the bargain?


  • can draw on over 15 years' experience in process information management and therefore are the experts for your automation tasks
  • employ powerful and flexible basis software which we tailor exactly to the specific needs of your application
  • have the interfaces to your existing systems or develop them for you
  • analyze your requirements and develop the right solutions in close cooperation with you
  • develop needs-oriented application software
  • supply complete solutions based on standard software packages
  • deliver turnkey complete systems tailored to your specific needs
  • train your operators
  • offer you comprehensive support beyond the commissioning of your system; (remote) service is one of our specialities.


We'll help you to translate your process data into bottom-line improvements!