Integration of balances, stoichiometry and KPIs

Coming from process engineering we have as well the understanding for various processes as the know-how in developing mass or energy balances or stoichometric calculations.

The challenge

Production processes are becoming ever more complex. A multitude of measured data must be continuously acquired and further processed to generate the required control loop inputs. This goes hand in hand with increasing demands on process monitoring and control. There is less and less leeway for process optimization. Are the measured data sufficient to evaluate your process, detect forthcoming deteriorations or identify improvement potential?

Do the inlet and outlet temperatures provide reliable information on the heat transfer efficiency of your heat exchangers (i.e. no excessive fouling) or is the k-value the more valid criterion?

Process calculations (e.g. stoichiometry, heat and material balances, coefficients) deliver results which tell you at a glance more about the status of your process than a host of measured data.

Where we come in ...

We can draw on the necessary process knowhow and experience from the most diverse industries, i.e. hydrocarbon processing industry, coal-fired power stations, waste water treatment plants, flue gas cleanup systems or lead smelters.

Having worked at the interfaces of process engineering, process control and information technology for many years, we know how to access the requisite process data for the calculations and edit the results for representation in your system.

This puts us in a position to accommodate your specifications and needs, integrate our own input and weave all this into a concept for your process calculations.

Depending on the specific objective, we implement the final concept into your process control system using one of the common programming languages or a suitable calculation program.

Getting maximum value from your process data through process calculations – for your benefit!